Our Routine

Wheels is 3 Years and Ladybug is 5 months
Our routine varies significantly depending on the day.  I was going to post a schedule with times, but I don't like to be a slave to a clock if I don't have to.  We do have an order to our day though.

We are home all day on Mondays and Thursdays, so this is what we do (Wheels is 3 and Ladybug is 5 months):
-Wake-up :)
-Ladybug nurses while Wheels is still in his room
-Breakfast for everyone; Ladybug is just starting to eat oatmeal (and we will soon introduce other foods as well.)
-Get ready, play a little: we might play a quick preschool game or color or read stories or go outside for 15-20 minutes
-Wheels goes to independent playtime in the playroom (I love to eavesdrop on his conversations with himself and his toys) while I spend an hour of one on one time with Ladybug.  We do her bath, play a little, and I read her stories.  I put her down for her morning nap at the end of this hour.
-Wheels and I do "school" while Ladybug naps.  She can be counted on to take a solid 2-3 hour nap; Wheels chooses activities from his shelves.  So far, he loves "school."
-When Ladybug wakes up, I nurse her.  Wheels usually hangs out in her room with us, but he is required to be quiet and not allowed in the chair with us because Ladybug is easily distracted these days.
-Lunch for everybody
-Outside: sandbox, tricycle, swing, dump trucks, walk, etc. (30-60 minutes depending on what time it is and how the weather is.)
-Reading: Wheels and I each choose a few books.  I read to him for 30 minutes.  Most of the time Ladybug is still awake and hangs out with us, but if she is tired, I put her to bed first.
-2:00 or 2:30 Naps for both (usually about two hours)
-When Ladybug wakes up, I nurse her
-Dinner prep (I try to let Wheels help), play, and chores
-Dinner and clean-up
-Family Time: outside when it's nice; sometimes Ladybug takes a cat nap during this time depending on how long her afternoon nap was.
-Bath, books, bed by 8:00 for Wheels
-Ladybug nurses and then goes to bed by 8:30
-I still do a dreamfeed for Ladybug around 10:30, but she has recently been sleeping through from 10:30 until at least 6:00 (hope I don't jinx it by saying that.)

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I work in the morning from 8-12ish.  Wheels goes to a play-based preschool and Ladybug goes to a lady's house while I am there.  When I am done working, I pick them up, and we go home.  We spend the afternoon reading, resting/napping, and playing inside and outside.  We don't do any official "school" time at home on these days, but Wheels sometimes chooses and completes activities from the shelves as play.

On Fridays, I sometimes work in the morning but it is usually very brief.  My mom watches the kids, and then we do field trip Fridays :)  I like to be home for nap time if possible.

Saturdays and Sundays are variable and are often filled with outings, extended family, friends, and play.  Wheels sometimes chooses to do "school."

Wheels is 2.75 Years and Ladybug is 1 month

7:30 Ladybug nurses (Wheels is either still sleeping or playing/reading in his room)
8:00 Wheels gets up and has breakfast, Ladybug looks at her mobiles
8:30 Wheels gets ready, Ladybug goes back to sleep
9:00 Outside (sometimes Ladybug sleeps in a stroller or a carrier if we are going to the park or for a walk; if we are staying home she sleeps in her crib, and we bring a monitor out.)
10:00 Wheels colors or paints or does another project if I have something planned; sometimes he just wants to play, which is fine too.  Ladybug is still sleeping.
10:30 Wheels goes to independent play in his room; Ladybug nurses and then has time with Mom: reading, bath, tummy time, "talking", etc.
11:30 Ladybug goes back to sleep; Wheels and Mommy have lunch
12:00 Wheels does shelf activities (Ladybug sleeping)
1:00 Wheels does Godly play, I Spy, and reading
2:00 Wheels nap, Ladybug nurses and has time with Mom
3:00 Kids sleeping; Mommy time
4:00 Wheels gets up: free play or helps with chores/dinner prep etc.
5:00 Ladybug nurses
5:30 Wheels and Ladybug "play"
6:00 Dinner
6:30 Family Time (Ladybug is sleeping again)
7:30 Wheels bath
8:00 Wheels bed; Ladybug nurse
11:00 Ladybug nurse (dream-feed)
4:00ish Ladybug nurse

Wheels is Two-Years-Old

7:00ish - Wheels gets up, has breakfast, gets ready, and plays
8:15 - we leave
8:30-11:45 Wheels is at his babysitter's house, and I am at work.  During this time, he plays outside, has free play, does independent playtime, does a "sit-down activity" with the babysitter, is read to, and has lunch.  Right now it is just him and a 4 month baby.  I keep hoping she is going to get another kid closer to Wheels' age though.  He loves going to see "Nana" (just a name; not related to us) and he loves coming home, so it works out well.  One day per week (usually Thursday) I don't work at all, so that's when we do outings to the zoo, museum, nature center, ect.
11:45 pick-up
12:00 Shelf Activities (Montessori-ish)
1:00 or 1:15  "circle time" which for us includes calendar, weather, a song, a nursery rhyme, a Bible verse, and a Bible   story.  I would like to add in some Godly play here (which is why I allotted this 30 whole minutes)
1:30 reading and snuggles (Wheels LOVES books!)
2:00 nap (I might clean, prep for dinner, work-out, read, or surf the blogosphere)
4:00 outside: nature walks, trips to the park, tricycle rides, or just at home with bubbles, sandbox, sidewalk chalk, ect.
5:00 Art or Music
5:30 dinner prep, dinner, clean-up
6:30 family time (could be anything: outside, shelf activities, errands, cleaning, free play, ect.)  I rarely plan anything specific.
7:30 bath, get ready, book
8:00 bed